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Our Design-Build Services

From residential to commercial projects, Grossman Design Build has the experience necessary to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

Commercial Design-Build Services

Our team of detail-oriented builders and experienced architects can handle commercial design-build projects of all sizes. We provide unique and creative solutions through material selections and various construction types to create functional, timeless facilities based on project needs, ideas, timing, and budgets.

Residential Design-Build Services

Whether it’s designing and building a new custom home, remodeling existing spaces, or renovating lived-in homes, our residential design-build services help you maximize your investment and provide stunning spaces that stand the test of time.

We are architects and project managers. Our design background, coupled with our construction experience, allows us to build cost-effective facilities that exceed expectations. We are your point of contact for the entire project, from start to finish.


Our team addresses probable cost predictions and undergoes value engineering analyses before a project is fully designed and documented. These early estimates are what guide a project from concept to completion without cost overruns.


As architects and designers, we create settings to inspire the way we live, learn, heal, work and play.

Interior Design

Each project has a unique set of challenges and opportunities, and these factors guide our design processes. By embracing the singularity of each project, we can capitalize on opportunities for new and creative solutions while fully addressing the specific requirements of each project.


We strive to develop construction solutions that are client- and context- sensitive, with equal regard to such factors as budget, operational efficiency, long-term maintenance, environmental responsiveness, and compliance.

Project Management

Because we handle every detail of a project, collaboration is maximized and miscommunication is minimized. Our project management operations have been fine-tuned to keep projects running smoothly, on-time and within your desired budget. 

Landscape Architecture

We provide in-house landscape architecture solutions that amplify the initial visual impact and accentuate the beauty of the facility. We can provide you with both interior and exterior landscape architecture plans.

Our Accomplishments

Residential Projects
Commercial Projects
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